The William Edwards Book Series: An adventure-packed, humorous fantasy for kids of all ages!

William Edwards and the Wizardly Glasses

William Edwards was not good at anything, or so he was told. When he doesn’t bring home a soccer trophy (when they’re given out just for showing up), his banker parents (who bought him off the Internet) think he’s an investment that’s just not paying off. Oh, they are a frightful pair, indeed, even throwing mustard parties — when William is allergic to mustard!

But everything changes for William when a knowing old lady gives him a pair of big green glasses with rose-colored lenses. His classmates tease him, because he looks like a frog. But they turn out to be wizardly glasses, and William is transported to Winkleberry, a school for children with wizzies (magical powers). There he meets a smart young girl, Bora, and another boy, Zandall, who help William learn about his wizzies and accidentally lead him to a time travel machine. But before William can travel back in time to save his real parents, who are being held captive in 1929 by a zygot (a monster that inhabits the homes of mean people), William must protect the gene pool in his fake parents’ backyard from mutation!

Kindle Edition

Kindle Edition

Paperback Edition

Paperback Edition

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William Edwards and the Secret Mission

Launching Soon!!

William Edwards and the Secret Mission

The fun and fantasy continue in William Edwards and the Secret Mission! Now William must travel back in time to 1929 and save his real parents, but when he and his friends Bora and Zandall get lost, things get a little wild!

Hop into the time machine and see the 1970s, the Galapagos Islands, and primitive times in a way you’ve never seen them before, and find out just why the Tower of Pisa is leaning!

William Edwards and the Tower of Tazidan

Rising Soon!!

William Edwards and the Tower of Tazidan

The adventures continue in William Edwards and the Tower of Tazidan when William and his friends Bora and Zandall burst through the atmosphere in the time machine and accidentally make a hole that — oops! –alters gravity! Now they must figure out what they must do in the Tower of Tazidan to relocate gravity’s pull, and, oh yeah, protect the gene pool from sunbathers — again!

Come along for the ride and find out what Neil Armstrong really said when he stepped out onto the moon, and see just what might have been left behind on the moon’s surface!

Winkleberry: Waiting for William Edwards

Find out how Bora and Zandall got to Winkleberry and why they have wizzies in this 5000-plus word prequel to William Edwards and the Wizardly Glasses!

Kindle Edition

Kindle Edition

Paperback Edition

Paperback Edition


Houston…We Have A(nother) Problem

For the past several months, we’ve been working hard to let everyone know that the first three books of The William Edwards Book Series and the prequel have been published. We did a good job, a marvelous job, actually, writing the books. Other people agreed. We got a fabulous review from a national magazine and quite a few absolutely wonderful reviews from bloggers. But we ran into a bit of a snag, you see. Nothing too bad. Well, that’s not quite spot on. Quite disastrous is more exact. The problem was no one knew about The William Edwards Book Series! The problem remains, we’re writers, not marketers. Yup, big problem. Monstrous problem. Now who could solve this gargantuan problem? In hops Mr. Frog Agent. That’s right, that’s his name. Mr. Frog Agent. Check out his bio. Anyhow, he informs us that there are millions of other books on Amazon, actually, I think his exact count was a bazillion – all of whom are his fabulous clients – and that he will try to fit us into his busy schedule to try to promote us. Yes, very busy schedule. He hasn’t left yet. It’s been two weeks.

“Yes, yes. You’re books are the best of all my clients,” he said as we sat around the table eating sandwiches and flies. “I have a GAZILLION ideas on how to get it out there.”

“Tell us!” Jonathan said.

“Well, there are just so many!” Mr. Frog Agent said.

“Okay, name one,” Bora said.

“One. Oh dear. One. Well, let me think about that a moment. I have so many, it’s hard to decide on just one for such a wonderful series. I mean, you deserve the best, don’t you?”

“Of course, we deserve the best!” Mrs. Edwards chimed in. “We are the best!”

“That’s right, dear,” Mr. Edwards added. “We are the best. We are rich bankers. Only the best for us!”

Across the table, I spotted William Edwards rolling his eyes.

“Okay, let’s have it,” I said to Mr. Frog Agent.

“It? What do you mean by ‘it’?” Mr. Frog Agent asked.

“I mean, what’s this fabulous idea of yours?” I said to him.

“Oh, yes, yes. Umm. Okay. Here it is. GRIBBITTT,” he croaked.

“What?” I said.

“You heard me, GRIBBITTT,” Mr. Frog Agent repeated.

“Does anyone here speak Frog?” I asked, looking around.

Silence filled the room. Then we heard a soft voice.

“I do,” said William Edwards.

Who Speaks Frog?

Of course William Edwards speaks Frog. The big fly talks to him, the brown snake talks to him, even the two blind fish talk to him. Why not a frog?

Zandall asked William what we all were wondering: “What did he say?”

“He said to use our magic wands,” William said.

Bora slammed her fists down on the table. “You haven’t read the series!” she said to Mr. Frog Agent. “This isn’t Harry Potter, you know.”

“Oh, but it could be,” said Mr. Frog Agent. “You read what the reviews said. They compared you to Harry Potter. Take it from me, you’re just as magical! And yes, I did read your books. I just thought that perhaps the authors had left just a little something out.”

“Magic wands?” Jonathan asked.

“Exactly!” Mr. Frog Agent said.

“What’s wrong with cefezaggles?” Jonathan asked.

“Nothing, nothing at all. That’s what I meant, you know. William lost something in the translation,” said Mr. Frog Agent. “That what happened. It’s William’s fault!”

“That’s William,” Mrs. Edwards said, rolling her eyes.

“You’re so right, dear,” Mr. Edwards agreed.

“Right. As if I wanted to be Dr. Doolittle,” William said.

“And how are cefezaggles going to help us get seen among millions of books?” I asked.

Mr. Frog Agent jumped up (as frog agents do). “Why am I on the spot here? I’m your agent. I’m right up next to the publisher, who is right up next to surgeons! We’re as hard to get time with as the Queen of England!”

We all took a sip of our tea and pond water. Delicious.

Mr. Frog Agent Comes Through!

Another few days passed, and it was my birthday. Jonathan, age 10, and I (age not telling), sat around the table with all of our characters and Mr. Frog Agent, who was now joined by his two frog assistants, eating cake and flies. Mmmmm. Delicious.

“What’s up for this week?” Zandall asked, his mouth full of cake.

“It’s gluten-free, right?” William asked, before putting his forkful near his mouth.

“Of course,” I reassured him.

“And it doesn’t have any mustard in it, right?” he asked. “I’m allergic, you know.”

“No mustard,” I said.

“No mustard?” said Mrs. Edwards. She pushed her plate aside with distaste.

“We must have another mustard party soon, dear,” Mr. Edwards said to comfort her.

“Why, that would be stupendous!” Mrs. Edwards said.

“Okay, okay,” I said. “Let’s get back on track.”

“Right,” said Mr. Frog Agent, “because today I want to announce something very important, so important that you are giving me a raise to 50 percent!”

We all glared back at him.

“Okay, okay. Thirty percent,” Mr. Frog Agent said.

“You actually have something to announce?” Bora said, ignoring his insistence on a raise.

“Why yes I do! Do you like chocolate?” he asked.

We all nodded agreeably.

“Who doesn’t?!” said Zandall.

“And stay away from gluten?” Mr. Frog Agent asked.

“I do,” said William.

“And you need to tell everyone about it by wearing, saying, some really cool bracelet?”

“Yup,” said William, holding up his wrist.

“And you want to eat out safely, right? So you NEED a card to hand the chef in every language out there, except, Frog, of course, because we’re not allowed in the kitchen…uncooked, right?”

“Right,” William said.

“Well, Vermont Chocolate, the most amazing and nut-free chocolate, Gluten Free Registry, where you can find restaurants everywhere, Hope Paige Medical Designs, where celebrities like me go for cool jewelry, and Allergic Traveler restaurant cards in any language that you choose, are helping us give away A LOT of Kindle books! William Edwards and the Wizardly Glasses to be specific! On March 8!”

“Wow! You did that?! That’s wonderful for them and us and our readers!” I said.

“Twenty percent it will be!” Mr. Frog Agent said.


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Reporter: Who rated this book ten out of five stars?!”


Mrs. Edwards

Mrs. Edwards: I did, dear. Any book that has me in it has got to be at least that good!

Mr. Edwards

Mr. Edwards: If I could buy stock in it, I would. It’s just that good!

Apple Gates

Apple Gates: If we could buy stock in it, you’d sell all yours, the price would plummet, we’d all sell, and you’d buy all our shares for a pittance and make a bundle!

Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, Tan Tallery, and 50 million investors LIKE that.

Mrs. Edwards

Mrs. Edwards: What a fine idea!

Mr. Edwards

Mr. Edwards: I’m calling my stockbroker now!


Mrs. Edwards

Mrs. Edwards: Where are all the readers? I thought we were going to be STARS!


Bora: The first novel doesn’t launch until September 16th!

Mrs. Edwards

Mrs. Edwards: Oh, very well. (Sigh)

Mr. Edwards

Mr. Edwards: But then you’ll be a star, dear.

Mrs. Edwards, Mr. Edwards, Tan Tallery, and a million, billion bankers LIKE that.

Mrs. Edwards

Mrs. Edwards: I can’t wait!!!


Reporter: Where’s the real star of this series? Where’s William?

Bora, Zandall, Apple Gates, Harry Gates, and Bermuda LIKE that.


Bora: He’ll be here on September 16, ready to join the conversation!

All the kids LIKE that.


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